• Cascade Canyon

    Teton National Park

  • Johona Mai – Sunny Bright Flower

    A Collaborative Sculpture with Artist Kyle Cunniff

  • Sunset Over Trillium Lake

    A framed stained glass landscape.

  • Work In Progress

    Kasia working on a Matryoshka Doll

Hand Cut Glass Art

Each glass painting consists of hundreds, often thousands of pieces of hand cut and custom fitted stained glass shapes.

Not Stained Glass Windows

These pieces are not traditionally translucent leaded stained glass windows. They are opaque in nature. Rather than light shining through the glass, it reflects the glass creating a unique effect.

Ready for Display

Each finished glass artwork is custom framed, lightweight and ready to hang on a wall just like a painting.

Recent Posts

Background, Process and Details of Each New Project

Chromatic Spring

Chromatic Spring

While in Yellowstone National Park, I visited many of the geysers and was completely captivated. Seeing them in person was pure magic. Each one was more unique and beautiful than the previous one. Chromatic Spring was  one of my favorites.

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Johona Mai

Johona Mai

Johona-Mai, Navajo for Sunny Bright Flower was named to honor the Navajo Nation who’s ancestral land we inhabit.  She was created in Alamosa, Colorado – the land of ‘Cool Sunshine’.  To reflect our region, we incorporated Southwestern colors, focusing on the bright blue of our big, clear sky and the warm yellow of the ever ...

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Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River

During a week long trip to Yellowstone National Park, I spent time hiking, observing and feeling the magic of the park.  I explored the canyon rim above the Yellowstone River and looked down at the rushing water in the distance. I hiked through the rolling hills, watching the white water flowing through and shaping the landscape around me. The canyon ...

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  • “Her growing landscape series really highlights all there is to love about America’s vast landscapes. I especially love how she uses such vibrantly colored stained glass for the sky and trees.”

    – My Modern Met
  • “She chooses one or a handful of photographs that truly capture what she loves about an area, sketches a composite for many days, letting her creativity and spontaneity flow, and then eventually brings that final sketch to life with stained glass.”

    – Mountain Living Magazine
  • “It is Polkowska’s love for the outdoors that drives her to create her landscapes … She takes in the colors, the flora and fauna, the unique geological formations and the light of each new place — capturing it all in photographs to use as reference to come up with the image that summarizes her impression of that particular place.”

    – MarthaStewart.com

Currently Seeking Gallery Representation

Please email kpolkowska@gmail.com for more information and a price list.